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Patagod - I did some serious ban evading.


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Ban reason: Reason for ban is ban evading. idk it says "pretending to be staff on other server" but its ban evading the reason 
Length of ban: Perma
Events leading to the ban:

This is my earlier ban appeal and i think u should read it :) for context 
So basicly i really liked the game so thats why i evaded so i can play more and i think i got a perm for RDM so i ban evaded cuz i really liked to play it and i always got banned for evading in like 1h...


Reason the ban should be removed: it happend 2 years ago and in 2 years people can change a lot :) i am here seeking for forgiviness. I understand that i made a serious mistake breaking the rules and i will not break the rules if u decide to be merciful to me but i do totally understand if u do think i am an threat to the community. i also would be very happy if instead of straight up denying my appeal u would atleast talk to me.

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I also believe that the fact that i havent tried to ban evade in the past 2 years shows that i am serious and will go by the rules even tough i have the know how.

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