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luckyshotpictures - darkdan: Staff complaint

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Hello, thanks for taking your time! I am sad to file this but I am upset. On the 15th of January I was plying on the MRP server. I was in the end round lobby when I was randomly kicked, with no Ahelp no reason message. I had to go to connect to a LRP server to find out why I was randomly un-whitelisted. I was greeted by a red note that says I have been un-whitelisted saying that I had too much LRP behavior. As a admin you should at the very least provide some feedback to players who have done something. The admin failed to be professional by kicking me, un-whitelisting me and leaving a red note all well making zero contact or feedback to me. By not giving any feedback there is a high likelihood that me or any other players will continue to act in the undesired way as, there is zero info as too why admins took actions against me. The admin policy clearly states that "Professionalism is important, and in general will help reduce the number of issues you run into as staff. " The admin failed to act in a way that will reduce the number of issues (not even making any contact with me as to what I even did?) 

The policy also states

"We expect you to deescalate, rather than escalate situations " The admin failed to make any attempt to deescalate the situation, going from making no contact at all regarding my actions to kicking, un-whitelisting and leaving a red note. Notes are a vital way to communicate past interactions to the admin staff, it is best these represent reality and are truthful. They also give the player feedback on how to improve there RP or actions to best fallow the rules. So I am upset when I get punished and there is no proper reasoning or any warning/communication from the staff. 

I am only left to guess what I did wrong. Below I am speculating.

I was playing as the clown in my character "slips-the-sec" (lizard I use for clown/mime) I was playing and fulfilling my duties as a clown.

"Duties: Honk, slip Security, try not to get killed after slipping Security." 

Sec was arresting me for "disturbance" so I was responding by slipping them asper the duties aforementioned. It is subjective view back on this I can see that I may have been skirting the line of the rule 

"Do not intentionally make other players' lives hell for your own amusement. Starting small IC conflicts or disputes are fine, but going out of your way to antagonize specific players or departments all round for no reason other than liking the reaction they make is unacceptable."

The banning guidelines states that this offence is punishable by a warning. Second offence 12 hour game ban. Third offence 7 day ban.

None of the aforementioned guidelines states that a violation of rule 12 is punishable by a un-whitelisting. The admin did not fallow there own guidelines. 


I am upset. This is so out of character for the admin staff here. I recognize that the actions taken by the admin in question are made by the minority. I am not afraid to admit that I do have a higher than average number of notes. I look at these as a way to grow and better adapt to this community. All admins that I have spoke with have been great! Fair with punishments and willing to discuss and provide feedback on my RP and improving my actions. Shoutout to Repo, Cptjeanluc Picard, Skarlet and Ryan for being the most based admins! They  are kind, helping and fair well also still dealing with problems in a way that reflects the guidelines.

I am hoping for the admin staff to confront this issue. Also, to take actions that fit the guidelines. Please if a punishment is needed make it within the info stated in the ban guidelines. Also to review why I was given a red note with little to no reasoning why. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish to discuss below if there is any questions or comments. 


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Thank you for the complaint, it has been accepted.


  1. The complainant was dewhitelisted from MRP.
  2. The complainant was kicked from MRP to enact finding 2.
  3. The complainant was not provided any feedback outside of a note left on their account to indicate that finding 2 had occurred, the reason for finding 2, or the reason for finding 3.
  4. Unless it is a message note, admins cannot expect players to read notes left on their accounts, even if the notes are public.
  5. Due to findings 3 and 4, the complainant was effectively provided no feedback for the admin actions in findings 1 and 2.
  6. The admin actions in findings 1 and 2 are actions that are likely to unreasonably escalate a situation if performed together and without feedback to the subject of those actions.
  7. At least one other admin was consulted by luckyshotpictures about the dewhitelisting and supported the decision to dewhitelist the complainant.
  8. Based on finding 7, the information provided by the subject of the complaint, and the information provided by the admin referenced in finding 7, the dewhitelisting was reasonably justifiable from the perspective of luckyshotpictures.
  9. Banning policy explicitly allows deviation from banning guidelines if that deviation can be justified by the admin deviating. This is partially because not every case can be covered by banning guidelines without making use of them excessively cumbersome.
  10. Due to finding 9 no part of banning policy or guidelines reference whitelisting or dewhitelisting, but dewhitelisting may still be performed.

Resulting Actions

  1. luckyshotpictures was contacted about the complaint. This resulted in findings 7 and contributed to finding 8.
  2. The admin referenced in finding 7 was contacted about the incident. This contributed to finding 8.
  3. luckyshotpictures was informed to notify players why they're being dewhitelisted instead of just kicking them.


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2 hours ago, Chief_Engineer said:

Do you prefer the reason for dewhitelisting be shared here, where it'll be made public when the complaint is published, or privately?

Sorry you didn't have much of a chance to respond to this. Feel free to make a message in the Admin Message section of the forums for more details about your dewhitelisting


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