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Excuse for my bad behaviour

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Ban reason: self-antag, english only
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: I get my ban because of I talked in russian language with my friend during the game and than we robbed cabin of HSS.
Reason the ban should be removed: if be honest I thought that grief in this server was allowed, so we chose it. I understand that talking other languages in english server - it is uncorrect and not respectful to gamers of project but at that time I didnt think about it because we talked in russian only among ourselves. I have learned the my mistakes and I found out that I cant grief here at first and I shouldnt disrespect people.

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  • Game Admin

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote and we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban to 2 weeks.
Appeal accepted ban will now end on the 1st of February 2024 (01/02/2024)

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