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Vova56710 - Sexism in dead chat


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Ban reason: Sexism towards female character "go back to the kitchen"
Length of ban: Indefinite, appeal only
Events leading to the ban: On midnight, when I was practically laughing on how bad nukies we were, I decided to send a message in death chat about incompetence of our female commander (Which tragically died in cargo and got looted, since she didn't used acidfier) and I thought it was sorta funny. Without second thought, I've send it in death chat. After a few minutes and mixed messages towards me, at the end of round got appeal banned, which is justified.
Reason the ban should be removed: At that point, it was around 2 am, barely thinking of my actions, and just wanted the shift to end so could sleep on next weekend day. I do agree that the ban itself is justified, and it is followed by zero-tolerance rule, but I think deserve temporary 1 month or longer ban instead to think about my actions.

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  • Game Admin

I placed this appeal to a vote amongst the administration team. 

Our consensus is to Reduce this ban to a duration of one week

Do note, We do not tolerate Sexism, Bigotry, Abelism, Speciesism, or slurs of any kind. 
You should take care to carefully read and familiarise yourself with all of our Zero-Tolerance rules, as any future bans for these rules will most definitely be much less likely to pass an appeal.

Our Zero Tolerance rules all have in bold writing beneath them "THIS RULE IS ZERO-TOLERANCE"
You will have no excuse for not knowing them in the future.

You can find our rules on the Wiki at : https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules
As well as in game through the Pause menu.

Appeal accepted. You ban will expire one week from the time of this post: 2024-01-25


Everything's fine, until it isnt...

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