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Ban reason :Activated Pa and estroyed a bit of the station and some other  roleplay related things

Length of ban: Pemanent

Events leading to the ban:I ws a new engi and fiddled around with the Pa and accidentally created a black hole which then drived to ai satellite and got a bite of it after that it went into space but the crew i believe (remember this was long ago ) decided to call the shuttle for a diffrenbt reason because the singlolose didnt really do much integral damage to the station 

Reason the ban should be removed: I have learned much about the game and the way to interact with people i have learned almost every gameplay aspect on Delta i have bettered my roleplaying a lot 

P.s i dont wanna do mrp anymore plase let me in 

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  • Game Admin

We have put this to an admin vote and have come to the consensus to lift the ban. 
Make sure you are asking questions if there are some mechanics you don't understand so we don't repeat the past.
Appeal accepted. 

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