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MajorJakov - Banned from Leviathan for "ERP & Generally Disgusting Chat"

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Ban reason: ERP & Generally Disgusting Chat
Length of ban: Until Appealed
Events leading to the ban: When I said "I am taking a huge dump" someone had literally just walked in on me when I was on the toilet. I do not remember what was going on when I said "You will burn in my bussy."
Reason the ban should be removed: I am 32 and have played SS13 for years and many, many other online games throughout my life and have never experienced anything like this before. I do not understand why a mod/admin or whoever couldn't have just messaged me asking not to say X instead of going straight to a permaban. I mean saying "I am taking huge dump" while on a toilet and someone walks in on me being punishable is just silly and I never would have thought it is something anyone would ever be punished for on any game. I have no idea what ERP is or how it correlates with "You will burn in my bussy" but instead of instabanning people maybe some de-escalation could be involved and actually explain things? To summarize; these are statements I never thought would get me into trouble in any game I have ever played. 

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  • Game Admin

Generally Toilet RP is just NRP and more often than not just someone trying to get a rise out of people to be edgy. ERP(Erotic role play) and sexual content is a section in the rules, often shortened to ERP. Telling someone to 'burn in you ass' isn't exactly painting any pretty pictures and would of fringed on this to many players hence why we are here now.

This has been put to admin vote and the consensus is to reduce the ban to two weeks.
Ban will lift on 23th Jan 2024 (23/01/2024).

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Added reason.
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