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LemonJones - Donated my items to a passenger before going SSD.

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Role(s): Entire Medical Department

Length of ban: 3 Days(?)

Events leading to the ban: My game was extremely buggy immediately after arriving on the station (you can check the chatlogs, I was complaining in LOOC for several minutes.) I tried rejoining the server, closing the launcher and reopening SS14, even shutting down steam and reopening it. None of this seemed to help.
It's a bit hard to describe what the bug was like, but basically, entire sections of the station just showed on my screen as space, tiles were missing, lighting was broken, my clothes were flickering, and I was moving at about 1fps. 

I gave my items to a nearby passenger (who was trying to help me fix my game) only after announcing on medical radio that I was doing so, and that I was going SSD. 

Reason the ban should be removed: My game was lagging to the point that I don't think I would have been able to get to HoP, and I didn't see anything wrong with giving my items (only my PDA and clothes, since I just got off the arrivals shuttle) to a jobless crewmate. I don't remember my actual phrasing when talking about it, but my intention was not to "help the tide". 

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  • Game Admin

Hey, I've reviewed the round logs and can see the story matching up, for context when you say something like "donating to the greytide" It may be seen as powergaming.

The role ban has expired now but I have added an additional note on your user with context it was done in the sense of logging out due to bug not so much in a a malicious sense.
Just feel free to logout where you are if it is quite a bad bug you don't have to worry about passing on items.

Also with the bug, if they do happen they can be reported on the github here:
Or on the discord under bugs-feedback.

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