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I am a wannabe developer.


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i’m looking for the tiniest bit of help to jumpstart my contribution to ss14. i am new to coding and only know java right now.

id like to implement some features to space station 14 such as station ai, pda messaging (a separate application for talking to the station ai to encourage it), and some quality of life updates to make security smoother and adding crime records to peoples profiles/ adding reason for arrest to a security pda, allowing an arresting officer to insert the apprehended person’s id into their pda to add to their criminal record. this would also add functionality to an agent id because that wouldn’t affect them.

id also like to add antagonistic features such as diseases(sentient diseases included), evil ai, and the ability for a syndicate agent to corrupt the ai themself (not with an emag).

regardless of what i want to add as this is no where near a complete list, what im looking for is someone who contributes to help guide me for at least my first week or so. as a preface i am 17 and i turn 18 in may. thank you in advance! i hope to add my vision into ss14

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