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roosh- Boasting after RDM killing borg


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Ban reason: Round 43286 - RDM killed borg then boated "we do a little trolling"
Length of ban: 4 days - Expires Thursday, January 11, 2023 3:17AM UTC
Events leading to the ban: Evac had just left the station and an engineering borg was standing on the airlock leading to space as we were flying to centcomm. I grabbed the borg and pushed it out of the shuttle without letting go of it, leading to the borg and I flying into space. I then killed the borg with a PKA, and typed "we do a little trolling".
Reason the ban should be removed: I understand entirely that my actions were out of line and just plain stupid. At the time, my mindset was "round end, I'm gonna just do something silly for the joke of it". I said "we do a little trolling" after blasting the borg because I thought it was funny, but I now understand that it was dumb, and probably really annoying to the person playing the borg. I have learnt from this, and will stay within the rules in future instances and not do anything stupid. 


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  • Game Admin

Round removing other players for the hell of it will generally land in a ban, I don't think you were online when I was processing the aHelp, incident so I couldn't chat with you directly.
Ban has expired now so I'll close this off.

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