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Ban Appeal - Mooney


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SS14 account: Lick_Dickler
Character name: Paul Allen
When was the ban: Appeal denied 2/2/22 
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard/Forums
Your side of the story: I had a vpn on and I checked to see if I was still banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: There was no alt account or attempt to commit ban evasion, I just forgot to turn off my vpn while I was checking to see if I was still banned
to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it : The denial of my ban appeal due to this reason seems unfair, but my origonal ban was not unfair,
Anything else we should know: I torrent alot and use alot of different vpns so im sure you can understand how this could be an issue


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2 minutes ago, moony said:

Who's Trollage then.

No clue


2 minutes ago, mirrorcult said:

The logs clearly state that you used an alternate account to attempt to connect while using your VPN, so this is a lie.

Can I see the logs? Im not sure how exactly the ban system works here, but looking at the code it checks for the ban_id my username my IP adress the admin that banned me and the reason. So as I logged on with my vpn, it detected my ban_ID but another account who had also used the same VPN, pinging the admins.

Thats just my theory but I have no clue what the logs say


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