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dinoman / killed all of engi because they were revs


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Ban reason: [Heavy count of self antag and RDM via validhunting as an atmo during rev round. at least 7 people were killed, pleaded by saying "sec said they were all revs". also
overescalated against someone they had just mindshielded"]

Length of ban: [perma (i think)]

Events leading to the ban: [start of round i set up atmos got my gear set up the heater and cooler, then i got turned into rev by head rev, in wich i killed chief engineer and threw him into space with a few others (5-6 or so) then i went to clean the blood from the axe with soap from washroom and got stuned and shielded, then i went to medbay to heal because i got hurt from fighting CE as i was there a sec told me all of engi was rev and i knowing that was true went to help after i crit them all a sec or 2 came to take the bodys in wich i got singulo up and running for power, after that i walk around for a bit. ] [the over escalation happend by accadent entirely, i threw my stun batton at the guy not expecting anything, but i did not see that you could now throw to stun players on the change log and accadently stunned him once, he then grabed the batton and i tried to get it back, he then stunned me and killed me]

Reason the ban should be removed: [as this is my first time getting banned and mabye even getting warrned (i diddnt see anything when i did /adminremarks) i do agree that what i did was wrong, but someone could see where i was comeing from at the very least, although this dose not make it okay. i am sorry and i will strive to do better, i have been playing long enough to be command roles so i feel it would be a bit unfair to perma ban me for a series of unfourtunant events]

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38 minutes ago, spaceylady said:

So are you saying that you killed other revs when you were a rev? And if so was that an accident or on purpose?

i got shielded, and i also knew since i (was) rev, that the statment "engi is all revs" was correct, and so i thought that "hey, revs bad, so i help agenst the revs!" so it was on purpose, but i wasnt rev when i did it, all i wanted to do was help.

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