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Darktime78 - [Self-antagging, being a problem]

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Ban reason: “Banned for repeatedly self-antagging and making themselves a large problem for others.”

Length of ban: Appeal Only

Events leading to the ban: So yesterday I was joining into server as clown, I picked up someone’s id from hop then took it to cargo where I gave it to them from which they gave the id back to the person I took it from. The second round I was a cargo person and was doing great with another person. But QM comes in and starts doing our job, I tell him please can you let me do it and he persistently didn’t allow me to do it. It is our job to work on the console and move the cargo ship but QM wasn’t letting us do it. QM then has me demoted himself. I go to cap to try to get me my job back but then Nukies attacked. The third thing was that I went around push people only as a joke at the start of the round which got me jailed for 6 mins from which after I stopped doing it.

Reason ban should be removed: I’ve just been unbanned recently and I haven’t done anything that’s self antag. I didn’t kill someone as a non antag or do anything. And the second reason for my ban being a big problem, clowns do mischief and being jailed for just pushing people with bare fists doesn’t cause that big of a problem. Since my unban a few days ago I’ve been helping at any job I’ve done. My actions with QM were justified as that we couldn’t do are job if he was doing it for us, I told him to please move so that we could do it as QM’s job is to manage over cargo help people out but he was doing something that we were capable of doing. These are the only reasons which could have made me gotten banned yesterday (31/12/23).

Thanks For Reading all of that. Sorry I couldn’t make it smaller and simpler.



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  • Game Admin

The Administration team has decided to accept this appeal after placing it to a vote.

I will be lifting this ban at this time. 

Please take the time to Re-Read the rules and ensure you have a confident understanding of them to ensure this process does not come to pass once again.

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Everything's fine, until it isnt...

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