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teostrom1 - ERP


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Ban reason: "ERP and other erotic implcations involving making request to other players and emoting"
Length of ban: this ban will only be removed via appeal.
Events leading to the ban: i was the captain and i decided it would be "funny" to emote thumping noises in hamlets box (hamlet was not present during the time of the ordeal) and my mind was not clear at the moment as i was tired and it was late (i am at fault for not noticing my ability to tell between right/wrong was comprimised) and the location of the ordeal was at the bridge, there was another player there, i do not remember the name of before mentioned player's character and only that they were female.
Reason the ban should be removed: i believe i have changed in my resolve and would not repeat such an offense at any point during a session on ss14 in total, and i wish to be unbanned because i have changed, i have grown, my mental resolve is stronger, im smarter now, and i have learned my lesson. this is also my un-official appology to my actions surrounding the ordeal and how i acted during the action in question. - teostrom1

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