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schoolbreak.io - A simple, fun IO game with surprising similarities to Space Station 13

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So I recently found an io game called schoolbreak.io, which I think is pretty fun and (surprisingly) reminds me of Space Station 13. Basically, you play as either a student or a teacher and roles are randomly assigned at the start of the round. Students cause chaos around the school while trying to avoid being caught by the teachers. Teachers try to catch the students causing chaos and send them to detention. Students win if they generate a certain amount of chaos, while teachers must prevent the chaos from reaching this level until the game's time limit is up.
The game reminds me of a simplified version of Space Station 13, except almost everyone is an antagonist. Both roles are fun to play, and despite only having WASD and two mouse buttons for controls, the item system is surprisingly robust like a simplified version of SS13. Some of the items can interact with each other to cause even more chaos, and sometimes there are multiple ways to use an item like in Space Station 13. As a student, you eventually learn how to use effective item combinations to generate chaos faster. This learning curve is similar to the learning curve for a role in SS13, although obviously this game is much simpler.
One example is that you can throw paint in the game. But if you left click on the paint, it goes on your hands as well. Any teachers that spot you can easily catch you 'red handed.' However, if you right click on the paint, you can throw it and avoid getting it on your hands. But the game does't tell you that you can do that, so you have to figure it out for yourself. Throwing it at someone else covers their hands with paint instead, so you could even throw the paint at another student to trick teachers into thinking that student did it.
Overall, the mechanics are actually pretty robust for an io game, like a simplified SS13. The students are like hard mode traitors and the teachers are like security.
I'd be interested to hear what you guys think about this game.

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