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t0de - Mistakenly breaking SOP as HOS


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Roles: Security, Command

Length of ban: 3 days

Events leading up to the ban: Playing as HOS, one of my officers got a bloodred hardsuit from their christmas present. Said officer asked me to allow him to use the hardsuit should we ever set the alert to red. I initially disapproved, but after he showed up with a document stamped by the captain, my warden, and (I think?) the Head of Personnel, I agreed to the condition and stamped the paper. A little while after, a ninja managed to spawn in a dragon, prompting a move to red alert. The ninja was dispatched, and I allowed one of my officers to use the captured katana until the alert level was lowered, hoping that it might make it easier to deal with the dragon. After this happened, I died to a carp and unfortunately had to leave the game for the remainder of the round without any chance to warn staff or players ingame (which I initially assumed was the reason for the roleban)

Reason the ban should be removed: I do think that at the very least a major part of this issue was my fault, as ultimately as HOS it is up to me, not the captain or warden, to approve the use of nonstandard equipment - for this reason, I would like to request that the roleban not be lifted but the duration be lowered from 3 days, as I feel this is excessive punishment. I stupidly did not think to check with admins before approving the documents, and since the captain and warden were fine with it, and none of the people around me seemed to have any issue with it, I allowed it without thinking. Ultimately in my opinion this was a combination of both my fault and the fault of those also part of the chain of command who could have tried to disapprove the motion to allow the use of the syndicate gear, and I feel it is a little unfair to shift the blame onto me - I'm not sure if those also responsible for approving that equipment also recieved a roleban, but I do know that I wasn't the sole person responsible here. In any case just to restate what I've said I'm not asking for an early unban, simply a lessening of the punishment.

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