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spookiji - Gooberous behaviour rash decision


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Ban reason: Banned for RDM and gibbng as non-antag.

Length of ban: forever 

Events leading to the ban: I had engaged in Combat with somebody after they had thrown a cola at me I had proceeded to attack them once by punching and they proceeded to hit me with a crowbar multiple times and killed them they got revived and attacked me again at witch point i killed and gibbed them 
Reason the ban should be removed: 
I know gibbings not allowed i dont play often but when i do I dont partake in trolling/rdm usually i just play as a medical intern I'm usually a pretty good doctor (when its not seroius and complex to treat when that happens i get a better doctor) and i always RP properly I woudl like to be unbanned so i can play again and i can assure you i wont do anything like this again in future and i am sorry for acting inapproriately  

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