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PubliclyExecutedPig - spesism ban appeal


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Ban reason: Spesism
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: I was really new to the game, and I heard someone yelling something about hating lizards, and I shouted "I hate lizards!"
Reason the ban should be removed: This ban was placed almost a year ago, and I've been playing Delta V regularly, amassing 700+ hours in the server. At the time of the ban I was really new to the game (less than a month since install, and I hadn't opened it more than about 10 times), and I didn't know the rules/expectations of the game. I understand what I did was wrong, and I take full responsibility for it, but I think enough time has passed, and my game knowledge about expectations and how to play the basic game has increased greatly, that I should be allowed to move past this event, and move on to playing the server.

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  • Game Admin

It appears you were banned with a requirement to bring a voucher of good behavior due to ban evading for your appeal to be considered. Do you have one? You could acquire one from Delta-V. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play and should represent the opinion of the admin team of that server as a whole.


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