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rihordo - welderbomb as nonantag, leaving server upon being caught


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ban reason: welderbombing as nonantag and leaving upon being caught

lenght of ban: appeal only

events leading to the ban: shift was going badly and i had to stop playing irl so i decided to roleplay as a crazed chemist who suicide bombs himself, i INTENTIONALLY blew myself up in a way so nobody dies, i only killed myself and did not hurt other players, just damaging the room i blew up in and killing myself was the only result. Also no admin messaged me and i left like 1 minute after bombing myself, so it may seem like i ran away to avoid punishment or something.

reason the ban should be removed: i did not ruin anyones game by blowing up myself, everyone was safe, just i died. Admit it might have been too much but i tought it was funny, also i was learning chemistry so i wanted to see what can i experiment with and someone told me the welding tanks blew up so i went ahead to see what would happen.

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