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Lasanga - Encouraging ban evasion


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Ban reason: "Encouraging ban evasion. Appeal @ forum.ss14.io"
Length of ban: Permanent 
Events leading to the ban: I had only been playing the game for very little time as my friends joined and told me to download it. They had been trolling and had gotten banned as I joined. When I joined I laughed and said that he was just going to get another account and keep trolling, once my friend had joined back we both got banned and I uninstalled the game and haven't touched it since.
Reason the ban should be removed: After my steam library has dried up and constantly searching for a different, multiplayer roleplaying game to play with friends I found - after watching a few videos come into my feed on YouTube - that I actually really like how the different roles and game mechanics work in SS14. I don't think I really got given a fair shot at the game / gave the game a fair shot, and I believe after being bored to death I have matured enough to be part of the community again.

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