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Delta Station is terrible


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That’s it? No full on essay on why it sucks? No reasons, bullshit, or just anything?

It’s neutral in my opinion I guess. 

1 hour ago, The0ddsAreAgainstMe said:

Wizden is just better

But just “Wizden is just better”..?



its the guy whos gonna ban hitler question mark


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On 12/25/2023 at 6:50 PM, Del said:

Shifts take too long on Delta-V. That's my complaint. A matter of taste, of course.

You know that they get less syndies per round, nukies are rare, and they only have 1 head rev? ACROSS AN ENTIRE ROUND ON THERE which is 2 hours. The only thing I like is how they changed science department.

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Surely, I say, surely that has nothing to do with the fact Delta-V is a MRP server and most Wizden servers being LRP, right? :clueless: 

                                                                                           God's most gremlin-like little mime.


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1 hour ago, CloneTrooperSimp said:

Surely, I say, surely that has nothing to do with the fact Delta-V is a MRP server and most Wizden servers being LRP, right? :clueless: 

MRP is just LRP but worse, you get a two hour round with nothing to do because they reduced antags, and the only way anything fun happens is if its, A. a zombie round, or B. its a nukie round. And before you say, "ohhh but its about roleplaying not being competitive!!" LRP gives you way more freedom over what you do and still allows for roleplay. From my perspective, all MRP does is restrict what you can do in a round and empower security EVEN MORE.

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On 12/24/2023 at 6:19 PM, The0ddsAreAgainstMe said:

I think the admins for wiz are dog shit, the ones on delta are actually cool people. Im saying gameplay on wizden is just better compared to delta.

I have been enjoying Delta, actually. It seems to better preserve the game in its better state from about a month ago. Already unlocked the jobs I like on it.

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9 hours ago, The0ddsAreAgainstMe said:

I like how the inventory isnt tetris but the jobs take forever to get, 90% of the people are interns.

I think that's because Delta V is essentially catching the overflow of disgruntled SS14 players, like myself, who left over the inventory rework. I too have noticed that there are a crap ton of interns right now. But, I just hit the ground running in Med and already unlocked Doctor and Chemist; my two favorite jobs. It just took me, I think one or two days. You basically have to dedicate an entire day to just pounding out your favorite department.

That said, sense the rounds are longer, it's really not that hard to chew through the hours. Especially sense most things are locked to 'department hours' instead of 'specific roles' hours. Meaning, any time spent in Medical, for instance, is basically going towards unlocking almost everything. The only role specific unlock in Medical is CMO needs some Chemist time and that's not hard at all for me sense Chemist is my favorite Job.

I don't know if Delta V plans on implementing the awful Chemical Rework that's coming that will get rid of Infinite Chems and the Chem Dispenser as we currently know it. If Delta V does plan to preserve the current, better system, I'd also suspect they'll pick up even more disgruntled players from SS14. If so, and if your favorite department is Med like mine, it might be a good idea to knock out unlocking Med before the influx of SS14 players hit Delta V even harder in the 'soonish' future.

I've also noticed that a large amount of us Interns in Med are CMO level, like myself, on SS14. I keep seeing people ask interns "How new are you?" And the response being they are CMO on SS14. That's another way that I know that Delta V is catching the overflow of SS14 players. Because a crap ton of the 'interns' are actually experienced players like myself jumping ship from SS14.

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