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My in game name was Roman Bridger Director, I was Hos. The reason for my ban was starting a coup against the captain without admin permission. Events leading up to the ban were that of the captain being clumsy and not fit for his role. So I went around and asked the heads if they agreed with me, gaining the votes of rd, QM, hop. Once we confronted cap on him being asked to step down, he flushed himself in garbage disposal and left. As well as sending orders to kill the heads. The ban time was 20,000 mins (two weeks) and will end on Friday 5th of a January. I wasn’t aware I needed admin permission as on the ss14 wiki page for the captain it states that the heads may see him unfit and demote it. It doesn’t mention asking for admin permission. So please may my ban be lifted.

Thanks for reading 

hoping for a reply 

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