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smellberg - Pretending to be a rev


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Ban reason: Pretending to be a rev, has been doing it in previous rounds, and has been warned previously to not pretend to be an antag. Previous note history.

Length of ban: Appeal

Events leading to the ban: On roundstart as a passenger, found a jensen coat, sunglasses and a flash and cosplayed a rev as a joke, flashed QM before warops were announced.

Reason the ban should be removed: While I've waited some time before making this appeal as recognition of wrongdoing, especially with the previous warnings, I feel that this ban was a bit harsh. I don't believe my actions caused any major disruption to warrant such a ban; no one was killed or roundremoved, and at most I would be arrested and mindshielded by sec before they realise I was joking around. At the same time, while items like the syndie EVA on bagel and sunglasses for example have set spawns on maps, they are going to be used by passengers and such for practical jokes. Especially on LRP, where I find messing around in such ways is more acceptable, since no direct harm comes of it (and by direct harm I mean people being killed/roundremoved or otherwise majorly inconvenienced). I believe my actions were relatively benign, just using items that can be found at shiftstart to have some fun as a passenger on the station.

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