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Problem connecting to servers of other countries.


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Hello, I had an unpleasant situation, I’m playing on one of the servers. The server itself is located in another country. And at one point my provider simply does not want to connect to the IPs of this country. Which is why I can't continue playing. How can such a problem be solved?
(If I made a lot of mistakes, I'm sorry, I don't speak English well. I used a translator.)


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Hey Fomka.

1- The easiest option is to play on a different server. Care to tell what server you were playing on?

2- If you really like the server you were playing on, you could try asking your ISP what's going on. It might be an annoying route, but the one most likely to solve the issue.

3- Like Vasilis said, you could use a VPN. I'm no expert on the subject, but I'd study the possibilities well before getting into it. Even then, it might not solve your problems. Some VPNs have been used to try to bypass bans, and so servers have blocked entire IP ranges coming from VPNs. I've also seen situations where that happened, but admins were willing to make an exception to allow some affected players to get through the block.


Now unrelated to your issue:

You posted this on the off-topic subforum, which is not bad, but know that this would fit well in the general subforum.

And you seem to have posted your paragraphs in some sort of  pre-formatted blocks. I don't know how you did that, but it makes it a bit difficult to read what you wrote.

It could be a side-effect of copying from your translation tool. You could probably side-step that by pasting the text into a simple text editor (think Notepad, not Word), and then copying from that editor onto here. Or, maybe using a browser extention like Copy Plain Text, on Firefox.

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Most likely this is due to one of two reasons.
1) Your launcher is out of date and you may need to update to a newer version.
2) Your ISP has blocked the country you are trying to connect to (due to [CURRENT_GLOBAL_DRAMA] between [COUNTRY] and [COUNTRY] many countries are blocked from connections). A VPN can spoof your geographic location to bypass these restrictions. (REMEMBER!! VPNs may block your account as this is generally seen as a way to avoid being blocked. Be sure to contact the server administrators so you don't get banned.)

(This was done on the educated guess that you currently reside in Russia, as not much context was given... :P)

Скорее всего, это связано с одной из двух причин.
1) Ваша программа запуска устарела, и вам может потребоваться обновить ее до более новой версии.
2) Ваш интернет-провайдер заблокировал страну, к которой вы пытаетесь подключиться (из-за [СОВРЕМЕННАЯ_ГЛОБАЛЬНАЯ_ДРАМА] между [СТРАНА] и [СТРАНА] многие страны заблокированы для подключений). VPN может подделать ваше географическое местоположение, чтобы обойти эти ограничения. (ПОМНИТЬ!! VPN могут заблокировать вашу учетную запись, поскольку обычно это рассматривается как способ избежать блокировки. Обязательно свяжитесь с администраторами сервера, чтобы вас не забанили.)

(Это было сделано на основании обоснованного предположения, что вы в настоящее время проживаете в России, поскольку контекста не было дано... :P)

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