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Banned for self-antag... for the second time this year.


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Ban reason: [selfantagonism, mass murdered people with the gib stick from a present, previous history of selfantagonism]
Length of ban: [Till appeal]
Events leading to the ban: [A few weeks ago I got home from a party that I had taken some illicit drugs at and decided to play SS14 to clear my head I guess. Spawned in a bartender and opened a present to get some food item. I continued doing bartender things until a lizard opened their present and got the gib stick, they then gibbed 3 people at the bar so I jumped into action and disarmed them and took their gib stick. I then said something about them needing to atone for their sins and attempted to hit them with the gib stick but missed. They started to run and ran after them. At this point the HoS thought I was trying to kill him for no reason and tried to stun me. In my still somewhat high brain, I deduced the best idea would be to attack anyone and everyone who came between me and the lizard who "needed to be killed." Down went HoS, down went QM, down went multiple other members of security. eventually I finally killed the lizard and randomly decided that I wasn't satisfied so I broke into the HoPs office and killed him, then broke into the bridge and killed the Captain. I then attempted to grab the captains ID to make an announcement when I was gibbed by trial admin G and questioned. I confessed to them that I was very high at the moment and told them to "Just ban be for like two days or something." before leaving the match. When I eventually sobered up and tried to log back on I was banned till appeal]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I decided to take this time banned to take a break from SS14 and to think about my actions. I think they started out arguably noble, but quickly were corrupted by the amount of power I had at my disposal. I know what I did was wrong and at the time I was not in the state of mind to make that deduction before it was to late. I think I'm ready to rejoin the rest of the player base, and hopefully not decide to play the game while my thinking is impaired, that does not tend to end well for me.]

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