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Everturning - streamsniping/metagaming


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Ban reason: Streamsniping/metagaming
Length of ban: Until appeale
Events leading to the ban: Liltenhead was streaming a new round and had observed, I decided to observe too, i chatted in dead chat about how i was streamsniping him (which i now know is wrong, but i had thought that, since i was ooc, it wouldn't be harmful) and after a while picked a ghostrole, a honkbot, and proceeded from there. I didn't metagame while in honkbot form (to my knowledge, if i accidentally did so please elaborate on how) and then the round ended, to which i learned i was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I understand fully why I was banned and the causes behind, and I know how to prevent me from streamsniping and metagaming in the future, and understand fully if there's more to the issue than what I believe I did wrong.

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