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Discord - Complainant: Bias and Warning for bias


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Feels like the Stanford prison experiment in there.


This was directed to a picture post in GENERAL chat where you can post anything but for some reason




From what I read in the official rules of the server


  1. The rules
    1. Don't be an asshole and use common sense.
    2. Be civil. No harassment or offensive/abusive/hate speech content.
      • This includes "this is so offensive it's clearly satire".
    3. No trolling, don't derail discussions, no spamming, etc.
    4. NSFW content like porn/gore is banned.
      • This includes "haha it's technically not NSFW" memes.
        • Some leeway is granted if it's in the context of an existing discussion and correctly spoiler tagged.
    5. This is is an English-only server. We cannot moderate other languages.
    6. This server is not your meme dump. Memes will be considered spam and deleted at the discretion of admins.
    7. Do not discuss or complain about game bans here. If you've been banned from one of the official game servers, make a ban appeal in our forums.
    8. Do not discuss things from ongoing rounds. Wait until the round is over. "everybody knows" is not a valid excuse

    For rule breakage, ping @Moderator The links: Website: https://spacestation14.io/ Forum: https://forum.ss14.io/ Wiki: https://wiki.ss14.io/ GitHub organization: https://github.com/space-wizards Downloads: https://spacestation14.io/about/nightlies/ Lemmy: https://lemmy.spacestation14.com/ Developer documentation/design dump: https://docs.ss14.io/ Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1255460/Space_Station_14/ Mastodon: https://mastodon.gamedev.place/@spacestation14 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/spacestation14 Invite: https://discord.gg/rGvu9hKffJ FAQ: https://faq.ss14.io/ If you're interested in contributing to development, see contrib-info for more info!




    No where does it start that you can not post memes in general. Just that you can not post nsfw.



    When asked, they go on a power trip.




    Seeing as they don't want to make a general channel for +18

    They don't want to moderate so why have them moderating?


    I saw a bit of bias so I went with the usuall





    So then this person says this



    Then I say this as a joke






    This guy responds to my joke with chill out even though I am relaxed smoking a dooby..




    See? bdsm handcuffs right above did they get a warning? but me standing up for my virginity is not?

    Then another admin not knowing what was going on jumps in saying that Im posting wierd content when all I did was type



    Then your mod tells me that if it was bias they would've done worse. So right there you're showing proof of corrupt mods that have done worse. and are doing bad already. So if you want a nice community relaxed that doesn't view it as mod vs account. Just be kinder. Be nicer. Don't threaten people that you will be doing such and such because it's rules. You made the rule yourself because I don't see it in the main rules of the server.


    Just watch out who you let mod your server they seem to be going through power trips now and again. Thought discord mods doing that was a meme at this point as I've never experienced it.

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  • Project Manager

Taken directly from the channel description for #general, where you were initially warned:


"No memes in general (you're not kool enough)" is enough of a warning to qualify as a deterrent, meaning this complaint is largely unfounded.

From what it looks like, you were given verbal warnings before the official warning was applied, and it also looks like it wasn't just one moderator who was trying to work with you.

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