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Ban Appeal for muchachomanjo


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SS14 account: muchachomanjo
Character name: Jean-Gerard Lacroix
When was the ban: around ^pm on 29/1/22
Server: Spider
Your side of the story: As the HoP, it was my task to aid people in their workspace by giving them access to areas necessary and giving jobs to new crew members.  At the start of the round, I was helping a guy out and I had a few other guys in line.  The next person in line was Amy.  Now even on this first guy, I gave him what he wanted, but I took away maintenance perms as a little joke, and I did this for Amy too.  When the first guy came back with the issue, he asked if it could be fixed and I fixed it.  Amy, on the other hand, was not so nice and when I renamed the chip to "Tonights biggest loser" like in impractical jokers.  Amy wouldn't leave me alone until this was fixed, and I had other people in line at the time, so Amy got mad.  This led Amy to attack me by breaking into the office. If the clown hadn't put a banana on the ground, I would have died.  After getting healed, Amy chased me all the way to SEC until he got cuffed.  This was around the point in time Stealth first contacted me.  I was busy explaining something to him while I saw they were questioning him.  From what I saw, they were going to give him his pda back and let him go free so I picked it up and interjected.  This was also when the aforementioned admin declared I had lied to him.  So while I was speaking to the admin, I was again told I had been stealing everyone's pdas, when I was only in the possession of the "suspects" pda.  I was stripped and the pda was received by sec while I was discussing with the admin.  After a small discussion, I decided to leave sec because it was their job to sentence in game infractions.  They had the pda and the authority to do what they wanted with Amy.  As I was returning to my office, I was disconnected to the server.   
Why you think you should be unbanned: Despite my small altercation with the aforementioned trial admin in discord (Afterwards we declared it was just a poorly timed joke) I think it was just a misunderstanding.  He was asking me these questions while I was A. getting attacked and B. talking to the HoS.  I was trying to give him an informative answer that didn't take me out of the game for very long.  When he asked me to tell him the whole story, this then led to the accusation of me stealing pdas, when it was not my intention to do this.  I was tied up between the game and the admin.  This piled on top of mounting frustration for not only me, but the admin as it seems.  Bleeding over to discord I tried to plead me case and make my point but people who weren't even present were telling the admins that what I did was wrong, but they didn't even know the half of it.  Then, because I was trying to get an explanation of what rule I broke in doing this (As by not telling the whole story while playing the game properly got me labeled a liar) I was called a liar and banned for 2 days.  I have been playing the game semi-regularly for a few weeks now and I change my name only after being a traitor because I try to play an wholesome game where I have fun but accomplish the tasks of my job.  The prank that I played this one time blew out of proportion and that is why I'm unsure if any ban at all is necessary.  Getting banned for wasting the admins time in the general chat of a discord channel kind of seems a little excessive and I think you would agree.  
Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your
appeal, include it here. No

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  • Game Admin

Now even on this first guy, I gave him what he wanted, but I took away maintenance perms as a little joke, and I did this for Amy too.

This is problem number one. You did not inform me of this when I contacted you.


So while I was speaking to the admin, I was again told I had been stealing everyone's pdas

This is false. I only asked you if you had been doing this once.


You were banned for 2 hours for omitting what you really did- which was an extremely minor issue- choosing instead to try and paint yourself in a better light. If you believed you did nothing wrong you would have told me what you did.

Problem number two is how you immediately went to discord to harass me about your ban. After your ban was extended by Moony, you doubled down.


There's a special set of irony here: you got upset when an antag (Amy was a traitor) chased you down for ruining her game plan for no reason. You expected her to be happy that she got the access that you revoked for no reason back. But you had your access revoked to the game and instead of accepting it and waiting for access back, you got angry. The exact thing that you did to that player that made them "mean" and "annoying" happened to you and you reacted in the exact same mean and annoying way. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Appeal denied. Wait the 2 days. Be happy that it's only 2 because I could absolutely justify extending it for your harassment.


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