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The0ddsAreAgainstMe - "The Worst Captain Ever"


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Ban Reason - Gross imcompetence as captain; Encouraging NRP Anarchist behavior through announcements, Powergamed items from security, perma'd clown for no discernable reason, promoted a random to captain and suicided. Basically broke every command rule."

Ban Length - Make an appeal

Events leading to the ban - Made a funny announcement at the start of the round, went to security to go and check on them and give HOS caps card alongside pin pointer, some dude was running around security so I threw a stinger at him (thought it was going to stun him) so I framed his death on the clown. Had to leave to go to the doctor and was getting yelled at by my parents to get my ass out of the door so I picked the guy I fragged earlier on accident to become captain.

Reason The Ban Should Be Removed - Not my proudest captain round I admit, felt the announcement may lead some people the wrong way. Didnt think Stinger was an actual frag grenade considering lethals go in armory. Planned on sending clown to perma for fragging the other guy (framed) and coming back to unperma but had to go do stuff IRL. Felt bad about fragging the guy and he was like right next to me so I went against my better judgement not giving captains gear to HOP instead giving it to him. I admit, this wasn't my best captain game and I felt like I was going to face a ban when I returned. However, I know what I did was wrong, and I've so far been a somewhat decent captain in all of my other games. Feel like I may need a bit of a break from being cappy for a bit after my dumbass did this.

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