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banned for misgendering a charrecter


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Ban reason: banned for misgendering a character ingame
Length of ban: appeal only
Events leading to the ban: i was playing on salamander as a bartender and i was just going around and acting like security (there were none round start and we only had one warden) then there was a murder at atmos so me and warden went there and we arrested a person who had her dna on the blood in atmos when we searched her we found that she had an esword that she didnt use (trust me this is important for why i was banned) so i was laughing so hard irl and ingame i at that time didnt know the charecter was a woman so i normaly went for he him pronouns as i always do and when i was laughing at her she just said "she....." whenever i said he (the first few times that it happened it was a genuine accident) but after that just to like make fun of her for not using the esword to kill us i just used he him pronouns for her to like make her mad or something
Reason the ban should be removed: i know that i was in the wrong here for misgendering her and it wont happen again (i forgot that misgendering an ingame charecter for any reason was a no tolerance rule) i am again very sorry for what i did i thought it was okay but it wasent and i am asking for another chance
(this is my first time appealing as i have never been banned before here so ima just ask this if this gets denied how long do i have to wait before appealing again?)

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