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Shut Up: A Guide to Dying


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You've felt it, I've felt it, Your neighbor's dog has probably felt it; the burning rage in your chest right after you get gibbed or killed in SS14. It's understandable, yes, but it is also irrational. This guide will help you come to terms with your death and how to deal with the 4 stages of spacegrief.


Stage 1 of Spacegrief: Death

Stage 1 of space-grief usually consists of an occurrence that causes extreme anger or frustration to the player. This stage usually consists of an attack being launched upon the player with no context, often leading to the following symptoms;

  • Tryharding
  • Screaming
  • Slurs
  • Enhanced expression of anger

Stage 2 of Spacegrief: Bwoink

Stage 2 will sometimes consist of the player thinking that their death was a self-antag, or the nukies were metagaming to find you, or using an exploit to deal more damage. Sometimes, this stage will be bypassed and go straight to stage 3, but oftentimes times players will experience symptoms of bwoink, frustration, and have a harder time conveying ideas due to the frustration pent up inside them.

Stage 2a of Spacegrief: Slurs

Stage 2a is a sublevel of stage 2, and is the worst occurrence that can happen during space grief. Stage 2a is the stage where the amount of frustration that a player feels pushes out all regard of internet etiquette, removing any filter of racism or prejudice against the people around them. It most commonly occurs directly after Stage 2 where the admin does not do anything about the player's death because it was justified as gameplay. Victims of this stage are consistently funneled directly to this site after slinging slurs in generally any text channel they have access to at the moment. AVOID THIS STAGE AT ALL COSTS. THE CONSEQUENCES ARE SEVERE.

Stage 3 of Spacegrief: Coping

Stage 3 is one of the most annoying stages for bystanders. This stage will have the victim endlessly ramble on about how they could have one if X, Y, or Z, never accepting the fact that it was simply a matter of skill or resources. This stage is easily avoidable by simply removing yourself from the IRL room and going to get a drink of water.

Stage 4 of Spacegrief: Ragequit

Stage 4 is the final resting place for any unfortunate players that allow Spacegrief to progress too far. The player often screams obscenities such as "I hate this game," or "This is so stupid," before finally coming full circle and do one of the following;

  • A) Disconnect
  • B) Alt+f4
  • C) Close the window
  • D) Go AFK out of rage
  • E) turn off their computer via power cord or button

Coping with Spacegrief: An in-depth guide

It is very possible to catch and stop Spacegrief in its early stages. The best way to catch Spacegrief before it gets too severe is to simply get up and walk away. It is advised to get a drink of water while you're up, since the refreshment from a glass of water can remind you of the better things in life; the tangible ones that are much more worth screaming over loosing instead of a silly space game. If you are chronically online, it is advised to simply unplug or unpower your keyboard to prevent rambling. This way you can type whatever you want (even stage 2a, but not advised) and not have to project it directly into the ears of players and admins. 

Another way to cope is to simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and type a single lowercase word in deadchat. This is a much more pleasant, relaxing, and relieving way of expressing your anger. It allows for public expression of anger, yet in a subtle way that doesn't flood deadchat.

If you've been gibbed or round removed, there is a third, more freeing option that can improve your mental health in real life as well. It's an ancient technique, tried and true. The process is difficult and may take some self-reflection and convincing to go through with the process by yourself. You should probably ask a friend or family member with help completing the process. The following steps will offer a guide on completing the process and freeing yourself completely from spacegrief.

  1. Leave your chair
  2. Open your room door (if necessary)
  3. Approach the back door of your house
  4. Open it
  5. Touch grass

I will also provide a secondary guide for those who live in apartments.

  1. Leave your chair
  2. Open your room door (if necessary)
  3. Approach the exit to your apartment
  4. Open it
  5. Go downstairs (if necessary)
  6. Touch grass

And on that note, I have taught you the four stages of spacegrief, how to deal with them, and the ultimate process to relieve yourself from it.

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"Git infuriates me bro just let me commit the changes you freaking guy" -Obama, maybe


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5 hours ago, TedBundy said:


on both ends it was stage 3
"bro really went to fight as CMO"

"rent free bitch ass loser"

are both examples of Stage 3

also possibly Stage 2 if the second image was from bwoink

"Git infuriates me bro just let me commit the changes you freaking guy" -Obama, maybe


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