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[Necronyte] - [Saying something offensive]


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Ban reason: Saying ''I hate women''
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I latejoined a zombie round that was currently ongoing, I didn't get really involved in the violence that was happening all around the station, I was acting all casual going to the evacuation shuttle, but after the end of the current round, for some reason or another, I found it funny to yell the phrase ''I hate women'', I believe I said it once or twice, then I got banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I am really sorry for saying such phrase, I believe my over satuarion to the classic SS13 end round made me believe this would be a similar experience, I am truly truly sorry, and I promise I will never say the forementioned phrase ever again, even with context. I never had the intention of hurting anyone's or anybody's feelings, I just wanted to have some fun. 

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  • Game Admin

Evening, Necronyte!

After going over your appeal with other admin staff, we've elected to lift the ban. Going into the future, please refrain from using any language that would be considered hateful towards any gender, race or other form of identity. Thanks for being patient during your appeal review!

/Honk Em All 1984/
/Ah am dorf lad/
/410,757,864 DEAD CLOWNS/

Ban Chud.png

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