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SpazzMaticus - Rule 02


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Ban reason: Use of "The L Word"

Length of ban: Until Appealed
Events leading to the ban: A Lizard stabbed Pun Pun to death in the middle of the hallway and when asked why by security could only respond with made up words. When he tried to walk away from the security officer, the officer decided to arrest the Lizard since he had failed to explain himself and was fleeing the crime. I was a bystander as I too wanted to know why Pun Pun was stabbed in the hallway. Someone started yelling at the security guard for being "shitcurity". I said "They killed Pun Pun." They said "So what?" This frustrated me, as I was not happy seeing Pun Pun stabbed and someone defending that action. But instead of arguing, I decided to say "Fuck them L-words" and go somewhere else. The ban comes at the end of the round while I am playing music with some Passengers who missed the Escape Shuttle.
Reason the ban should be removed: I accept its my fault for not reading the rules more thoroughly. I am more used to the older SS13 server rules. I do enjoy playing on your station and have not caused issue before and do not plan to cause further issue if unbanned.

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