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spookyskelington: Racial Slur


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Ban reason: Racial Slur
Length of ban: Permenant
Events leading to the ban:  I got into a feud with botany that round as a passenger/assistant botanist beat me into crit a couple of times. Eventually it culminated in my character going to sec and the botanist followed some words were exchanged and eventually my character called the botanist who was playing the lizard species a "Ligger" and wandered off. I was not bwoinked during the round or after the round and played several rounds a couple days after. 
Reason the ban should be removed: It's been at least two months since this ban, I haven't tried to ban evade in this time and have had time to reflect on the rule break long after the fact. I apologize for anyone I upset and what I did. I recognize you have a zero tolerance policy for a reason regardless of any personal philosophies anyone might hold. All I ask is that you consider my unban request given it was my only offense and the long period of time that has passed since the ban without any attempts at evasion.

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