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Off-Topic: 2023 Rules Feedback

Message added by Chief_Engineer,

This thread was made to move some off-topic messages from the 2023 rules feedback thread.

Please post any actual feedback on the linked feedback thread as it may be missed here.

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17 hours ago, Bundle said:

Should security be allowed to confiscate a musician or bartender's sunglasses because the intended use for the item is flash protection?


Admins not even trying to hide their biases, smh




2 hours ago, Bob123 said:

imagine a day where no rules count, like a purge on wizden server

No need to imagine, just go on Miros when the panic bunker's off.

"После игры в Dota 2, русские рейдеры на Miros заставляют меня чувствовать себя как дома." - Me

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