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Roleban - madjojosg2


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Role(s): Command
Length of ban: Indefinetely
Events leading to the ban: Sadly I cannot really provide an explanation as the ban is indefinetely without an explanation of the exact thing that led to it. I was only told that my actions in round 40108 led to this ban. Perhaps you could relook the footage and tell me the exact reason. If it is about the HoS, looking back I realize that permaing him was too far but I was really tired and he attempted to murder me , which I for a HoS see as a big crime. (I was the captain). If it is about the clown, I am sorry for the extensive violence used, but I dont think that is the reason as he was a confirmed syndie. I know that you probably will want to keep a roleban, so I would be fine if it was changed to a captain roleban too. I know that I've had a few prior bans but Im trying to avoid further rulebreaks. Sorry, again.
Reason the ban should be removed: I've kind of answered this above. I am sorry for my actions, and I didnt think about the unlawfully perma at the time and I cannot say much more as I was not told the exact reason.

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  • Project Manager

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this. After reviewing the replay as well as your appeal, these are my main takeaways:

1. You took way more of an interest in the status of the clown than what would have been considered necessary. After the holoclown was dealt with, you should have remanded the clown to sec. Instead, you spent about 30-40 minutes of the round dragging the clown around and holding votes to decide his fate. While that is technically something you can do as captain, after that much involvement with the clown it becomes overkill. This is also reflected by you choosing to deprive the clown of his mask and then critting the prisoner while cuffed in order to save time.

2. Your argument with HoS was unwarranted, and I find that the HoS was entirely reasonable in this scenario - in fact, they were being more of an advocate towards prisoners than I've seen most LAWYERS try to be, which is impressive. The Head of Security being deprived of their role because of your overcommitment to the clown is what led to the conflict between you two. The HoS asked you multiple times to step out of security and to let him do his job, which given the circumstances was a reasonable request. While you are the captain, you had no reason to take control of security during the latter part of the shift.

With these two points in mind, your roleban appeal is denied. However, I do not believe an indefinite roleban is required for this, since you had multiple opportunities to powergame the situation with the clown. While you were misguided with your actions, I do not think you were trying to be a dick for no reason. As such, your rolebans will now expire on 1/1/2024. This would put you at roughly 4 weeks from the time the ban was implemented to when it expires (technically only 25 days, but we'll round up in your favor to make this clean).

If you have any further questions, you may ask in the #admin-questions channel on Discord.

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