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argmin - ERP, killing station pets, antagonizing bots with self harm


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Ban reason: ERP, Killing station pets, antagonizing bots with self harm
Length of ban: undetermined
Events leading to the ban: I have been banned while playing as a chaplain. Now I know it doesn't look good to have been banned with multiple reasons but let me address the accusations one by one

ERP: When I started the game and walked through the station, I found a harmonica. I started playing Mariah Careys All I want for Christmas song. Then I said (and this I regret now) "I might have molested a child - but hey it's Christmas after all" while the music was still playing. This was mostly in realtion to my role in the game, a chaplain or priest, and in hindsight it was not as fun as I imagined it to be. I obviously did not engage in any "erotic roleplay", I know better there. This was the only remark I made before heading on. I believe only a guy in front of the medbay heard, and he hit me in the head after being shocked to hear that - rightfully so.

Killing pets: I found a Templar helmet in one of the storage halls and took it on me. Since there was a cremator in my office, I RPed as a egregiously pious chaplain, demanding blood sacrifices in the name of god. Now I knew I couldn't sacrifice any human players for obvious reasons, but I didn't know pets were excluded from killing (not randomly, in the context of the RP of course). I hired a loyal servant (a bot) and some random person called Chad to help me out. Now, I did not know this was illegal in the context of RP, especially since I did the same play with 4 other guys yesterday and without any warnings by admins. Also adding to the confusion, I was “sacrificed” in the science bay as a musician against my will yesterday too and turned into a bot. Now I thought this was funny, but again, this added to my confusion for the following case. Now if the admin warning came earlier I would have immediately ceased but me and Chad already did the deed while borg was holding the animal still. Despite being horrendous I will not deny that it was a funny roleplay, especially the cleanup of the spilled organs, but these are against the rules I will obviously comply and cease with such plays as chaplain in the future.

Antagonizing bots with self-harm: Again, I did not know these were not allowed. In fact, I assumed the 3 robot Laws of Asimov were deliberately used in order to provide loopholes given their contradictory nature. I did not know you could influence bots into forcing to follow your rules. Adding to this confusion is another case from yesterday, where I have been playing as a bot (after being debrained as a musician). A clown then took my brain out of the cleanerbot I was planted in and threatened to end it all if I wouldn't follow only his commands. I want to stress again that at this point in time, I assumed this was perfectly reasonable play to get more interesting bot interactions from a cleaning cyborg.  Logically, I applied the same method to my servant today.

Reason the ban should be removed: Legitimate slip up regarding the ERP on my behalf, I usually don't say stuff like that and I see it was inappropriate. Regarding the other accusations, I can see why they make sense and I will not repeat them if I get unbanned. These were my misinterpretations with the rules, where yesterday's gameplay added to the confusions. Now I know better and won't repeat the addressed accusations. Thank you for reading and hopefully being merciful with me.

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