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Discord Ban Appeal


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Discord account: sp0okiid0okii
Date of ban: 12/5/2023
Events leading to the ban: I was malding in chat a bit about a previous round, and I renamed myself to Lizard People Dont Deserve Rights, Mod peeped in and saw my malding, and my name, told me to change it, and I did, but I decided to be a cheeky bastard and I told the mod, Kai Shiba, to "mald these nuts in his mouth." Which led to me being banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was heated, and we all get heated, but that's no excuse for me being being rude, and being Speciesist. I apologize for my childish behavior, and if given a second chance, I will make the most of it by being better.

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  • Project Manager

The moderator in question was kind enough to document the issue fairly well behind the scenes, so I am going to process this appeal personally rather than put it through deliberation, mostly because this is a simple issue with a simple solution.

The content of your first nickname is concerning, but you at least acknowledge the fact it was done while you were malding about how a round went. It happens.

Given the fact you admit it was childish, I am accepting this appeal but do keep in mind you are still on thin ice. We are normally zero tolerance when it comes to racism, even when it's only involving in-game races and fictional characters.

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