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Crew Knowledge of Implants


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Crew can learn of implants by seeing them used.

For example, a freedom implant can be presumed if someone is seen spontaneously breaking out of cuffs, but not if there are other plausible explanations. If someone is cuffed, but out of view for some time and escapes, you cannot presume that they have an implant because they could have escaped the cuffs normally.

Crew can also learn of implants if any other explanation is extremely unlikely.

For example, an item is known to exist in an area, and a storage implant is the only plausible option for where it could exist. This can also be used in the opposite situation, an item is known to not exist in an area, but then appears, and the only plausible option was an implant.

In a scenario where someone is in a cell with something, they are not out of view for so long that it is possible that the item could have left through some other means, like someone else taking it, the item is not there anymore, and the cell has been searched to ensure the item was not hidden, a storage implant can be presumed. It's important to remember that, even if a cell appears to be undamaged, someone could have broken in then repaired the damage, someone could have hacked in, or someone could have entered with access. A probable explanation for a prisoner no longer having an item can often be a security officer taking it from them.

Finding an unlocked uplink allows crew to have full knowledge of all implants.


This clarification is intended for MRP.


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