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Is a franchise crossover character LRP?



Recently I've been playing a character that resembles (is not named) Doomguy. I will accurately roleplay and act as the Doomguy from the Doom games, while abiding by escalation and power-gaming laws, or course.
One time playing sec as this character, HoS (Of whom which I will not name, for I value privacy) had just been a buzzkill the whole shift, completely shutting down any attempt to roleplay my character or act as a unique being. In LOOC, I had a minor dispute with HoS. HoS claimed that my character was, and I loosely quote, "LRP silliness," and something sad along the lines of "I play for the job not the fun" or something depressing like that.
I don't think that a franchise crossover is LRP silliness at all. In fact, it leads to greater roleplay and possibly even to HRP. My Doomguy arc was even advocated by admeme in a previous round.

Would a franchise crossover such as Doomguy be considered LRP?

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