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burgerjohnnyburger - banned for "arguing about jamacian jazz hitler" and "being an asshole" (also staff compaint)


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burgerjohnnyburger - banned for "arguing about jamacian jazz hitler" and "being a dick"

= For game bans =

Ban reason: having an idiotic argument about "jamacian jazz hitler", Running around being a dick to everyone, inciting self antag
Length of ban: 12
Events leading to the ban: so my title was "cool clown" and an engi asked what makes me better than other clowns and i started goin on a tangent like "im just built different, made to clown, im the aristotle of clowns, im the hitler of jamacian jazz" - we were havin a little goofy fun time jokey jokey - and like 20 minutes later admin message sayin to "cool it with the language" - i asked what langauge, and he said "jamacian hitler" and being mean to people (i had called hos a bitch and was mean to sec and command but yknow im a silly clown and i dont think its against the rules to be mean? i also dont think anyone was offended, and i said i wouldnt be mean in admin chat anyways so idk - so then i said "so no jamacian jazz hitler" and he said "No." - i asked what he ment by me being mean and that i had been mean to the bartenders - he said callin people bitchs (i did what can i say)- and i asked "can i not mention hitler?" (because i didnt think there was a rule about that) - he said like it wasnt normally against the rules but he didnt want me specifically to say it (i guess he didnt know the context or sumtin? maybe he thought i said it in some problematic way or sumtin, i was having a joking conversation and this was like 20 minutes ago) - and then he was like "Ok dude. Im gonna let you got touch some grass" - i was in admin chat like "wha?" "chill" and then he didnt respond for a few minutes and just was like "it will be 12 hours" - and i again was like "wha?" and he told me i was arguing (i dont think i was sayin anythin in like a bad tone or sumtin, and i had only asked if what i did was against the rules and he said no(?)) - 

also the "inciting self antag" i dont really know why he threw that in there, like i was a clown and i had walked up to sec with a fuel cart and said "delivery for hos" and they let me wheel it in and then i left without explodin it, i also wheeled one up earlier and handed ad doctor a welder and told him to "make it go kabloey" and he did it - so i had been mildly mischevious but yknow clown antics, i hadnt like actually made any moves to sabatoge so i he just threw that on there for whatever

yeah its like a text wall but its basically all the convo i had with him, i dont remember the admin name - he was just like extremely aggressive and didnt really make any sense, he had told me to chill with the language, and that i had said "im the hitler of jamacian jazz" and when i asked if it was against the rules he said it wasnt - i wasnt aggresive or arguing or anythin but that like joke about being mean to the bartender

also i cant see the admin chats so dont hold me on the specifics, i hold up that i wasnt arguing or doin anythin, admin was aggressive and insulting (also took minutes between each response)

he acted like a cop on a traffic stop who already smelled weed, i think he just wanted to break into my car and taze me (ban me)

Reason the ban should be removed: like its 12 hours and im goin to sleep but i aint gonna be comfortable doing anything if that admin will ban that fast and be mad about explaining why

sowwwy for text wall >_< #freeburgerjohn


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  • Game Admin

The admin gave you a heads-up right at the start to drop the topic, yet you kept bringing it up despite the warnings. Here is the related ahelp. Considering the ban has been over for a long time, I will be closing this appeal. Please be mindful of other players when interacting with them in game.



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