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rufo - slurs


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Ban reason: "N word and F slur"
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: I got wrongfully arrested (self defense) and was 'mad' and i called the sec some slurs. to get back at me he banned me (i assume because he only did a while after i said it).
Reason the ban should be removed: i didnt know i could get banned for slurs and i assumed that i could because they didnt get censored. i am not racist i just think its funny and now that ik i cant say it i wont do it again
even if i knew i dont think this warrants a permanent ban

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The admin team has deliberated on this appeal and reached the conclusion to deny it. You can re-appeal in 2 weeks from now.

Here are a few reasons as to why this decision was made and how you can improve it next time:
- You mentioned that you didn't know you could be banned for slurs. This clearly indicates you did not read the rules, since the slur rule is one of the first, most prominent rules, both in-game and on the wiki. This also applies to any other community online, which is a bit strange considering this is the default for most on-line communities.

- The appeal is rather low effort. I have no reason to believe you'll actually not repeat your behavior if unbanned.


Hope this helps, have a nice one!


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