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When you kill and gib



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Hello, thank you for your question. On LRP servers such as lizard and leviathan people do remember their past lives as per rule 6 of the Cyborg, AI and Silicon rules.

However on the MRP server salamander an amendment was made to rule 6 in regards to this question to put borgs in line with the New life rule and thus borgs do not remember the events leading up to their death but they remember their past life. 

You can see the updated ruleset here: https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules

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14 minutes ago, axtiiii said:

When you kill someone and gibb them they are Basicly dead right?

But i had a round where the guy  that i killed was borgend and remeberd everything what happend. is that allowed  ? 

Well, there's no rule for this nor is it said that you cannot remember your past life. You're just borged and set with laws but I guess you still don't lose your memory.


its the guy whos gonna ban hitler question mark


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