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Jack_The_Jukebox - "Threatened to fax WGW copypasta to CC as non-antag senior officer."


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Ban reason: Threatened to fax WGW copypasta to CC via fax
Length of ban: 1 week
Events leading to the ban: Round started as Senior Officer, trained the cadets, then zombies called. Armed up and killed them and I went to bridge to look for gear. Faxed CC asking for CBurn / ERT / Nuke Codes and got faxed back "skill issue". Responded with fax saying "kill yourself" and received same skill issue fax. I then faxed a threat to fax WGW to centcom, announced I did so on comms, then got a fax telling station to kill me, and I was then gibbed. Was banned after round ended. Ban was extended due to "telling people to look it up in OOC."
Reason the ban should be removed: I have read the rules and I understand that ERP is zero tolerance, and that WGW is an ERP copypasta. I am essentially repeating the same thing from last appeal which is that I intended this as a joke between me and the admin only. I was NOT going to post it, it was intended as a joking threat. I DID announce it which made it more public than it should have been and I apologize. I understand that was wrong and I would like to come back early. However, the extension I feel was not necessary to be as long as it should have been. Reading over OOC, I did not encourage people to look it up. The first message I sent was "Don't look it up is all imma say". I WAS saying in OOC I posted it as a "meme" which did result it people knowing about it, and I am sorry for that. I did infact joke about it in OOC, saying things like "dont threaten CC with WGW" which may have been interpreted as "telling people to look it up in OOC." which I understand. I apologize for these actions and I can assure that it won't happen again, and am hoping the ban can be lifted or reduced back to 1 day.

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