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[Germo555] - [Self antag, attacking non-antag's in wheelchairs]


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Ban reason: [Self antag, attacking non antag people in wheelchairs, warned many times.]
Length of ban: [Until appeal / currently 2 weeks spent]
Events leading to the ban: [As said in the last appeal, a habit or bad self control, i fought some people however i was a Boxer when i've done it. I got too carried away and i've trained my self control. My intrusive thoughts also influenced the action. The character i attacked was Meemaw, with the Wheelchair Bound trait. It happened inside the Bar area.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [2 weeks have passed and i've learnt my lesson. I wont do the same thing again, and i wont be a bother to the players to the same ban reason again. My last appeal was in 12 november, and currently it is 26 november, enough time to learn a lesson.]

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