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IdeaGuys: Babylon 13 aka Space Station The Diplomacy

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Seeing, how Vox aren't a thing, I'm starting to think what if I made a fork with Vox, blackjack and backstabbing.

Basically, make a station with several districts, each district is run by a diplomat and usually has its own biome. So going from Vox to human district isn't easy. You need a gas mask and tank of your favorite gas. Maybe give each district a different role or rotate it randomly.


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Sounds pretty cool. At first half the districts could be human and half could be vox, and perhaps it could eventually have more races as well so each district is a different race. For example, there could be one human district, one vox district, one lizardpeople district, one plasmaman district, one mothpeople district, one ethereal district, one podpeople district, and one flypeople district. (But hopefully a felinid district would never be added.)

The members of each district have the goal of surviving and helping each other survive but are allowed to collaborate with or grief other districts as they choose, and each district has a monopoly on a vital part of the station (eg. medical supplies, food production, electricity) forcing them to trade with each other or steal each others' supplies. Or if they are smart they could figure out ways to become self sufficient, eg. the district in control of botany making healing food and replica pods so they don't have to trade with the medbay district or the district in control of engineering secretly stealing blueprints for medical fabricators and plant trays to make their own medicine and food. Each district would also have access to weapons if they want to fight each other, although there would be no security district and players would have to do some exploring off-station to find more powerful weapons such as guns.

Each district could either have a permenant district role (eg. plasmamen always control the engine, mothpeople always control medbay, podpeople always control food production and botany) or have a random role each round.

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