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Ban Appeal game and Command Ban


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First of all excuse me for my bad gramma
I was told to appeal here in 2 weeks so here i am

Ign: Kecko McGekko/ Axtiiii
Legnth: Permanent Until i appeal here
Events leading to this Ban:
i was The head of sec, and my senior was ignoring my and caps orders, i shot at em because i missread the red text that appeard above his head and thought he turned into a zombie (my appologies again), so i started rushing him into medical and tryed to cool down the situation viva Looc chat but he/she ignored me, for this round i didnt got a BWOINK so i thought i was okay i tried to Ahelped but no one answerd it.
why should i be  Unbaned?
Well i really like this game and spend over 1000k hours on it and i like the community on the server, i know i did a mistake and i appologies it was an accident. i read the rules again and want another chance to show that i can play with obey em.

(i added the picture to the situation when i missread the text)



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