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Crew knowledge of implants



Picture this scenario:

Someone claims they found a bloodpile with the remains of Ian's body. They claim they only just grabbed the corgi hide. However cargo confirmed they never ordered a corgi thus there's is a good reason to suspect they are lying

Could you reasonably start checking for storage implants?

Yes if someone uses an implant like an emp that's obvious. But what about hidden ones like storage?

Birb is ded

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6 hours ago, wedge_shape said:

usually when i storage implant someone, its because they are major suspicion, for example this guy had advanced magboots which is a traitor objective item so that was reasonable enough so i implant checked him and he had like a emag, hypo and all that shit

you can't just implant someone because they might be a traitor and storage implants are a traitor item


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