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RyanStrudfelt - Fmingo: Rule 10 and names

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Subject: Request for Clarification on Rule 10 and Recent Name Ban

Dear Space station 14 admin

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to address an incident that occurred on 11/20/23 around 2 am GMT-9, concerning a request to change my username due to an alleged violation of Rule 10. Following the interaction, I was banned, along with another individual, for purportedly violating this rule.

Upon review, I believe there might be a misunderstanding or lack of clarity regarding Rule 10's application, specifically regarding appropriate names. As my understanding of Rule 10 aligns with its usage for inappropriate names, I respectfully questioned the decision during the interaction. I acknowledge that my response might have sounded abrupt or disrespectful, for which I sincerely apologize. The late hour compounded the situation, and I regret any unintended offense caused.

I'd like to highlight that names such as "flame mingo" and "flame mango" are plausible and exist among individuals in the United States. There are documented instances of "flame" being used as a first name for several individuals, while "Mango" and "Mingo" have a notable presence, totaling thousands of occurrences in the country.

In light of this incident, I respectfully request clarity on the interpretation and enforcement of Rule 10. It would greatly benefit the community if the guidelines pertaining to acceptable names were articulated more explicitly, ensuring a fair and transparent experience for all players.

I appreciate your time and attention to this matter. Your guidance or clarification on this issue would be immensely valuable and appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Fmingo 
contact me here on on discord @pt3Ming




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5 minutes ago, Chief_Engineer said:

I know you were directed to staff complaints, but just to clarify, is this a staff complaint or are you just looking for clarification on the name use/rules?

Im looking for both he treated me and the other guy unjust and im here to argue the ban but also try to get the rules adjusted so we can understand why we got banned


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7 minutes ago, Chief_Engineer said:

Is their anything in particular you feel was unjust about the way you were treated, or is it just that a ban was applied? When you say you want to try to get the rules adjusted, what exactly do you mean by that, what sort of adjustment are you hoping would be made?

just make it more clear the way you have rule 10 now its super grey and not really clear Leeway is given to a "name that could appear on a birth certificate" and the "needing a first and last name"   when i read that and then i see the name Flame Mingo its a real name the possibility for it is low but is possible and the names which result in a phonetic play-on-words are usually not only not appropriate, but are also overdone  i mean its kinda clear but again my name is both possible and a appropriate play on words but only people who know the context of it would understand it meaning flamingo the way i would fix it is to just either say inappropriate names are bannable which they are later in the rule or just combine it with part a of the rule saying "names of notable people and play on words are overdone and not funny and can result in a ban" better written to the other part  the ban is unjust cause the mod was searching for people to get in trouble just the smallest things and the overesculation of the situation on his part i did to and im sorry about that but mods are held to a higher standard with all the responsibility that comes with it   


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  • Project Manager

These are the relevant ahelps I was able to find, am I missing any?


📥 **Fmingo:** you should look at centcom fax machien
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** this is not the proper usage of Ahelp. Do not use Ahelp to ask us to check your faxes.
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** you also cannot use a character name that is a play-on-words as per rule ten. It will need to be changed
📥 **Fmingo:** rule 10 playon words only apply to inappropriate phonetic flame mango playing off the name flamingo isnt one of those
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** no, it does not apply to inapropriate names only. I am telling you it is not permitted
📥 **Fmingo:** what rule is that point it to me word for word and ill change it
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** I am telling you that plays on words are not permitted as names. They need to be Realistic names that could reasonably appear on a birth certificate. Terrible names open you up to being politely reminded to change it. 
📥 **Fmingo:** again in the rules it say innappropriate names so ill keep it until the head mods change it or you point out where in the rules it says play on words are strickly forbiden
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** If you want to rules laywer me, I can just hand you a ban if you prefer
📥 **Fmingo:** i mean you are the one rule lawyering admin person im just pointing out that im in the clear
📥 **Fmingo:** if you wanna ban for for the name flame mango go ahead


📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** Luker, That name \"funny jumper\" is more akin to a clown name than a realistic and reasonable name. You're gonna have to change it for the next round.
📥 **Luker:** it is a clown name 
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** and you are not a clown
📥 **Luker:** i bought a clown suit with tc
📥 **Luker:** now i am in prison
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** Still not a roundstart clown
📥 **Luker:** also i dont see why you should be name police because ive been in games with like 10 other admins and none of them had a problem with the name even when i was playing cap
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** I am giving you the chance to change it or make this a clown specific character. Admins are not omnipresent. I have seen the name and deemed it to be an unreasonable name. If you are not willing to change it, you are highly likely to start getting bans over it. 
📥 **Luker:** ive literally talked to admins when i was funny jumper cap and they had literally no problem with the name
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** I have got notes of you being arguementative about name changes. 
📥 **Luker:** go spectate another spessman if you have a problem with 11 letter on your screen buddy
📤 **RyanStrudfelt:** okay, if you're going to be toxic in this relay, You can sit a round or two out.

The first is yours, the second is the one someone posted on your ban appeal


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Just now, Chief_Engineer said:

Alright so just to make sure I'm not missing anything you think is an issue:

  1. You feel the admin was searching for people to get in trouble, and over escalated the situation
  2. You feel the current rules don't make it clear enough that "Flame Mingo" is not an appropriate name



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  • Chief_Engineer changed the title to RyanStrudfelt - Fmingo: Rule 10 and names
  • Project Manager
  • Solution

Sorry for the delay. This complaint has been accepted, though RyanStrudfelt was found to not be at fault.


  1. "Flame Mingo" and "Flame Mango" are both appropriate names for LRP under the current rules. "Funny Jumper" is not.
  2. It is reasonable for an admin to have believed that "Flame Mingo" or "Flame Mango" were not appropriate names for LRP.
  3. It is possible that the admin was searching for issues to address, but other name issue ahelps by the admin near the time of this complaint indicate that the admin was likely not specifically seeking to ban anyone.
  4. Neither ahelp appears to have been significantly escalated by the admin. In both, the players appear to be causing more significant escalation.
  5. Bans in both cases were justified. In the first, a ban can be justified for failing to follow an admin's instructions. The player's 3rd to last and last messages can reasonably be interpreted as an intent to not follow the admin's instructions. In the second, a ban can be justified by the player's last message.
  6. The complainant's position about the name rules not being clear enough is moot because the names they claim the rules did not make clear enough are violations of the rules have been found to not be violations of the rules.


Resulting Actions

  1. Game admins were asked about the appropriateness of the names used, resulting in findings 1 and 2.
  2. RyanStrudfelt was contacted about the complaint, leading to finding 3.
  3. As a result of finding 1, a note has been made on the complainant's account indicating that they are appropriate under current rules for LRP.


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