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Bob123 : left during ahelp


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Ban reason: left during an admin conversation
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: I stole a chessboard in a nukie round, shouldn't have done that, beat up a mime for stealing my paper work (with boxing gloves). Then i got ahelped by a admin. He talked to me and i responded, after 6 minutes i felt like it was over, it wasnt, next day i come back to a ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: I mean, i was a big shitter but i wasnt banned for being a shitter, i was banned for leaving. And i also think 6 minutes is pretty long to wait for a response, i  apologize to the people i annoyed that round (especially the mime) and hope they forgive me but i just dont understand that i got banned after 6 minutes of waiting for a response. I would accept facing consequences for being a shitter.

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  • Game Admin

Policy is to appeal ban someone that leaves an active aHelp conversation, its sometimes best to just ask if the admin requires any more details or let them know you need to disconnect.
In terms of the appeal ban for the leaving I will lift it with the the core issue of "being a dick" as time served.
For future reference you will experience a longer ban if you just want to make other people lives hell just for your amusement as I see a clear trend developing from your admin notes regarding this.
Appeal accepted - ban lifted.

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