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child - Derogatory terms used


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Ban Reason: Banned for using Derogatory terms ('cripple') in a Derogatory context knowingly

Length of ban: Appeal only 

Round before I had been messing with someone in a wheelchair and at some point I told another person I just bullied a cripple. I kept on messing with him and did take his wheelchair but gave it back because I thought it was rude. Round end vote comes up and it wins. New round begins. I'm cargo tech I am working cargo and my fellow cargonian is some lady in a wheelchair. I mess with her playfully. Push her off her chair but give it back. She gets a knife and respectfully tells me to stop but I do not stop and proceed to mess with her and she stabs me. I do this for a while. The qm doesn't care and knew I was just messing around I think. I do stop eventually. 

Reason ban should be removed: I didn't mean to use rude terms I was just messing around and not thinking about how rude the word cripple would be. I love playing on this server because of the break from mrp on Delta V and the short rounds and the constant updates with amazing content to mess with.


Extra notes: second story /round I don't think I called her a cripple

Also I wasn't talked to by an admin either.

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  • Game Admin

Disability related derogatory terms come under our hate speech rules under a zero tolerance rule because it rapidly spirals out of control generally, hence why it is usually dealt with quite strongly. 
I think you understand the situation from reading the appeal, just try keep the RP/chats clean.
Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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